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Tell ODE to fix its ESSA plan, do NOT submit it in April

ODE must be told NOT to submit its ESSA plan in April (it's not due until September), but to correct it to end the testing culture and delink test results from teacher evaluations. Tell ODE to halt this process and create an authentic ESSA plan that works toward a vision for our children rather than continuing the status quo.

UPDATE: ODE agreed to take more time to improve the plan and wait to submit it by its due date in September. Thank you ODE for changing course to make the plan stronger. This will benefit students.

OFT endorses Issue 1 for fair redistricting

OFT endorses passage of Issue 1, a ballot measure that would make it harder for politicians to manipulate state legislative districts for partisan gain. Issue 1 would prohibit drawing districts primarily to favor or disfavor a political party and require that districts reflect how voters actually voted. Learn more about Issue 1. #YESIssue1

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