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CFT Building Representative Elections

This year CFT has revamped the Building Representative allocations for each school. To see what the allocations are click here.

The BR Election time line is as follows

April 3 – April 7: Every member will receive a BR job description with a tear-off on the bottom. Anyone NOT interested in being on the ballot will return the tear-off to the current BR by April 7th. Otherwise, his/her name will be listed on the ballot.
April 10 – April 14: BR’s will choose one day for the election, print ballots listing all members’ names who did not return the tear-off, secure (2) observers for ballot counting.
April 17 – April 21: BR Election Week – announce date, time and place of election at least one working day in advance.
Every CFT/CFOP member in good standing as of March 24, 2017, except for Long Term Substitutes, shall be eligible to vote and to be a candidate for BR.