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Exciting News!!! Arbitrator Rules in Favor of CFT/s Grievance for Schedule G Pay Increase!

CFT filed a grievance on September 10, 2014, as soon as we found out the Administration refused to pay our members who worked under Appendix A, Schedule G.

This Retro Pay and Salary increase includes Extended Employment, Summer School, In-Service, and Daily Rate Substitutes. The Arbitration was held on November 14, 2014, and CFT’s grievance was upheld with the Arbitrators Ruling that we received on January 30. Therefore, the 4% across the board pay raise set forth in §700 (1) shall be paid retroactively to January 1, 2014, to all teachers designated in Schedule G.

CFT will be working with the Administration to determine when the affected individuals shall expect a retro check and when the salary increase will be officially applied to these members going forward. 

We would like to acknowledge our President, Julie Sellers, for leading the arbitration process and Field Representative, Don Luckie, for handling the initial grievance. Now, that this arbitration has been won, we can update Schedule G with the new rates and send our CBA to the printer.

Click here to see the printable version.