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2016-2017 Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund is a product of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated between the Board of Education and the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers.

A committee of teachers and administrators capturing the intent and spirit of the cooperative process began developing the guidelines for this fund in September 1988. The committee recognized the value of professional growth, not only for the individual teacher participating in a self-development program but also for the entire school district. The committee agreed that maintaining a high quality professional growth program sharpens skills of teachers, introduces new and creative ideas, serves a catalyst to productivity and increases the spirit of collegiality among professional educators at all levels. The committee assumed that a fund of this nature would generate a large number of requests. It spent a great deal of time deliberating as to how this fund could serve the needs of a varied and complex work force. The committee never lost sight of the fact that providing resources for teachers to improve their skills would ultimately improve the quality of education that students receive.

Please see updates to the application review periods below. Applications are approved in the order they are received.  Make sure you thoroughly review the PDF Guidelines, so that your application is accepted. You can find the PDF information and application on Staffnet (Departments, Human Resources, Certificated Personnel, PDF). Click on this link to get there