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A Message From The President

Dear Colleague,

            With having just celebrated Labor Day, we are keenly aware and very grateful of the hard work that our members do on a daily basis.  I would like to particularly thank the member at Riverview East (formerly Linwood and McKinley), who, at a moment’s notice, had to evacuate their classrooms due to the recent styrene leak.  For days, they unexpectedly taught their students at the unoccupied Kilgour school.  Their efforts during this difficult time were extraordinary!

            Thanks also to the many volunteers who made the CFT/ACPSOP Labor Day event successful.  We are especially grateful to our “Grill Sargeant” Tim Kraus, to Julia Wiant and David Baker, and to our Social Chair Steffani Volk!

            We must keep in mind the millions of people who have been so tragically affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Those of us fortunate enough to be outside of this devastation of Katrina are asked to help.  Thousands of AFT teachers and support personnel are among those who have lost their homes, belongings and jobs.  Many schools will not re-open this academic year. 

            We ask that BRs and members of our Executive Council assist with a collection for our colleagues in New Orleans and other parts of the south impacted by the hurricane. Please consider “passing the hat” to provide assistance.  Contributions can be dropped off at the CFT/ACPSOP office or sent directly to:  AFT Disaster Relief - Katrina, Attn: Connie Cordovilla;

555 New Jersey Ave NW
; Washington, DC20001.

            Thank you.

            In solidarity,


            Sue Taylor