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1st Annual CFT/CFOP Trunk or Treat

CFT/CFOP 1st Annual Trunk or Treat Picture Album
A Gaggle of Witches invaded our Trunk or Treat
Great idea for a mask!
The littlest tikes had a great time
It's On!
Little fireman playing the ring toss!
Board Member Nelms even participated!
Shakespeare (CFT 1st VP Mr. Black) manning the prize table!
Every fireman needs a hydrant!
Off to the bat cave!
President Sellers with Mrs. Knodle-Hounshell and Elke!
Trunk or Treating fun!
Love the great costumes!
Fun & Games for all ages!
More Trunk or Treating fun!
CFOP 1st VP Coronda Wilson and her children passing out candy and helping the little ones!
Trunk or Treating fun!
"Oh My Grandma, what big teeth you have"
Trunk or Treating fun!
"Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?"....Superintendent Ronan!
Holy Bat mask batman! Great Face Painting by Allison Burns, Art Teacher at Woodward Career Tech
Rainbows and Cupcakes!
More fabulous face painting by Allison Burns
CFT/CFOP loves ALL their members..(even Steelers Fans..LOL) Ms. Angel Green
Fun for all ages!
Board Member Chris Nelms and Superintendent Ronan had a great time with the teachers and their children.
Social Chair Brandon King with Mr. Friedman and their cute pup Roslyn!
More beautiful artwork by Allison Burns, Art Teacher at Woodward Career Tech
Mrs. Guzi-Parkinson, a "witchy woman"
Trunk or Treating Fun!
Another beautiful face!
Another beautiful face!
Ms. Allen...another member of the "Gaggle"
Trunk or Treating Fun!
Great costumes....Ms. Cupcake and Little Fireman!
Believe it or not, these two had a great time! Ms. Witch and Michael Meyers from the Halloween Movies!
Trunk or Treating fun!
Fun and Games for all ages!
Mrs. Shank, another of the Gaggle!
Oh Little Red Riding Hood, watch your back!
Trunk or Treat fun!
Fun & Games for All!